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The Industry Pioneer in Custom Engineered Solutions

The Industry Pioneer in Custom

Engineered Solutions

We continue to lead through this philosophy of innovation. We deliver on a broad cross-section of resources and knowledge. These attributes allow us to provide quality, cost effective products for reheat stretch blow molding machines. This common sense approach has positioned us as the preferred resource for the PET reheat stretch blow molding industry. Our customers reap the benefits of our competitive prices, inventory stocking levels for standard and custom parts and the warranties offered on all of our products. These are just a few of the many customer-driven solutions that XL Engineering can provide.

By utilizing our over 50 years of combined experience we were the first aftermarket supplier to develop a replacement linear bearing style Direct-Fit™ transfer arm for Sidel® brand Series 1 machines. Our team takes pride in knowing that we are innovators in the industry in which we serve. It wasn’t done to keep up with the competition or as a marketing ploy. We did it because it made sense. We continue to honor that commitment to this day.

At XL Engineering, we continue to lead our industry and receive high marks from our customers for the following types of products and services.


Engineering Services

XL Engineering has extensive and proven capabilities in reverse engineering and enhanced design solutions. We don’t just provide products, we deliver solutions.


Rebuild Services

Our rebuild services range from oven spindle chains to transfer arms to blow nozzle cylinders. In the end, you are left with a far superior rebuilt product as opposed to others offered within the industry.


Customer Service

It’s not about the service we provide, it’s about how you feel in the end. An exceptional customer experience is integral to our mission. We have built a dynamic team to serve you.


Complete Rebuild Kits

Our rebuild kits are developed to guarantee time and product cost savings. They are assembled to ensure ease of receiving, inventory control and significant labor savings during machine service time; equating to less down time.


We stand behind our work! Period. Want to see it in writing?