Preform and Bottle Transfer


XL Engineering was the first aftermarket supplier to develop a replacement linear bearing style Direct-Fit™ transfer arm for Sidel® brand Series 1 machines. Our Advanced Transfer System (ATS) arm design remains the bench mark in design, simplicity, and cost. The ATS arms are available for all Series I preform and bottle transfer.

We also offer ball bearing upgrades for Sidel® and Krones® brand machines. This upgrade yields longer life and accuracy in high speed applications. We’ve developed an in-machine height adjustable arm for the Sidel® Series 2 machines. This is a very efficient upgrade with a short ROI.

Grippers are offered for many machine brands in a wide range of configurations and sizes. Whether it’s a standard replacement of existing grippers, a new size, anti-stab or the addition of a black finish, we can deliver. Our grippers are post machine deburred, part numbered, and polished for a mark-free bottle finish.